The Pimped biscuit owners

Childhood memories of a delicious dessert is where it all began…

We are Lez and Nicola, husband and wife team who had the crazy idea of Pimping the Filipino favourite Polvoron, into something even more delicious!

Polvoron, (also known as Pulburon/Polboron in Filipino national language, Tagalog) is a type of shortbread and holiday delicacy that originated from Spain. It is produced mostly in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines.

As its name suggests, (the word “Polvo” in Spanish means powder or dust) it’s a soft, crumbly, buttery confection which literally translates to “powder snack” or “powder biscuit”.

The memories as a child of this amazing delicacy was nothing short of pure excitement, from helping mum make them on Christmas Eve, to being surrounded by the aroma of the toasted flour and melting butter, or even wrapping them up in red cellophane paper was all part of the experience, but nothing compared to the sensation it gave us once our little mouths engulfed that crumbly, buttery, satisfying texture of the Polvoron on Christmas Day.

Despite not having any kind of Polvoron for many years throughout adulthood, those memories never leave and I felt I needed them back in my life, permanently, and also for my wife to experience the awesome Power of the Polvoron!

From the first bite, she thought they were amazing and was instantly in love and thought, wait, we could totally Pimp these babies! Top them with chocolate and other delicious, delectable items!

We got to work straight away, experimenting and creating amazing flavours and distributing to family and friends who absolutely loved them.

From there, The Pimped Biscuit was born.

And now we want to share this love with everyone.