The Pimped biscuit owners

The memories as children of this simple traditional biscuit recipe, was nothing short of pure excitement, especially the satisfaction it gave us once our little mouths engulfed the crumbly, buttery texture of the Polvoron biscuit every Christmas.

It was a Filipino tradition every Christmas and us kids were all too happy to oblige in all it’s biscuity glory. Even though it was absolute torture only having them once a year! As we got older though, the tradition slowly faded, which to this day is beyond bewildering and almost unacceptable!

Fast forward to adulthood where that memory randomly, but gratefully came back to me, I felt I needed them back in my life, not just for my sudden urge for buttery goodness, but also for my wife to experience the awesomeness of the Polvoron biscuit!

From the first bite, she thought they were amaze-balls and was hooked instantly and thought, wait, what if we pimp these bad boys? Cover them with chocolate and other tasty, delectable items?

My soul was overwhelmed with joy and we got to work straight away, creating and experimenting with amazing flavours and distributing to family and friends who absolutely loved them.

From there, The Pimped Biscuit was born.

And now we want to share this love with everyone.